May 28, 2014

Let's Try This Again . . . .

I have really wanted this to go well the past few years, but as you can tell - 
has been done! I really hope to remedy that this year!

I have all kinds of things going on in my head.  We have been out of school for a week now - that's plenty of time to have off and to start thinking about things again, right?  So, as I sit here at my dining room table and think to myself what needs to be done next year, this is what is going on in my head . . .

Welcome slide on smartboard for each morning...

Goal setting...

What do I want from my students in reading?

What do I want from my students in writing?

What do I want to do differently in my room?

How am I going to incorporate vocabulary on a regular basis?

How can I be a better teacher?

How can I use notebooking in my room?

How can I use Daily 5 in my reading that is structured for me?

How to better use reciprocal teaching?

How am I going to incorporate project based learning?

And I am sure that this is just part of what is going through my mind.  So, if any of you are still out there that check my blog (I would have stopped a long time ago), what do you have to say on any of these subjects?  Help a sister out!

Just trying to cook up some success . . . 
Mrs. Becky