July 5, 2016

Slice of Life: Tell Your Story

WRITE your story.
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I have always loved a good story.
Whether it was hearing the story on my dad's lap, or
via a tape player that year he was stationed in Korea and we were in Tennessee.
Whether it was a children's book or a classic tale.
Whether it was a full length movie or a weekly sitcom.
A good story always draws me in and doesn't let go.

I have always said and told my students,
"Everyone has at least one story to tell."
It is up to us to tell those stories.
You can tell your story by writing it down in a journal.
You can tell your story by writing a poem.
You can tell your story by drawing a picture.
When I was a SAHM, I told our family's story through our family blog.
I am sad to say that since I have been back to work that blog has been neglected.
I did this because I wanted my children to remember our stories.

Earlier this year, my friends and I discovered Plunder Jewelry.
We fell in love HARD!
We fell in love SO hard that some of us started selling it.
I have always worn your basic jewelry, but was never a BLING girl.
So, why in the world did I start selling this jewelry?
Because it helps you tell your story!

Whether it is a simple bracelet worn to remind you to 

It might be the necklace that reminds you to
take the road less traveled.

It might be the personalized pendant that holds
a member of your family
along with their handwriting close to your heart.

However, there is more to it than that.
We need to listen to these stories.
When our students write from their heart - listen and ask questions.
When we hear a story being told - be in the moment.
When we see something personal - ask for the meaning behind it.
Listen and hear because one day that might be part of your story,
and that person could help you through it.

What's your story?

July 4, 2016

Summer Shelfie List

I was not able to write on Days 2-3 of
We were out of town with family.

I was so glad to be able to write this post though.

Reading is one of my favorite things to do - EVER.
However, when the summer comes along,
I am very guilty of doing nothing but reading.
I always have a great "to read" list which usually grows
as the summer goes along.
Here are the books I really wanted to read this summer.

My oldest child has to read Gathering Blue for her high school honors English
class this summer.  I have never read it (and, sadly, she is not a big reader), so I thought 
I would read it with her.  She started today - I have not.

A few summers ago, I read Kiera Cass's series, The Selection
and fell in love.
My husband got this one for me.  
It was so different from any of The Selection books, but it was

Speaking of The Selection....

I am so sad that this series has ended with this book - The Crown.
I have LOVED this series.
I describe it to people as Hunger Games meets The Bachelor.
OH SO good!!
I kind of saw the ending coming, but loved each moment of it anyways!
I will be rereading this series again!

This book was one a friend had recommended.
I bought it.
It sat on my shelf for - forever.
I picked it up, finally, and read it in a day!
Now, I am ready to read the next book in the series,

AND go to the Biltmore.

I do try to make myself a better teacher over the summer as well.
I have been looking/reading this book, The Reading Strategies Book.

I can't wait to be able to implement some of the strategies in it.
I bought this book in order to read this summer since it is the companion to
The Reading Strategies Book.
The day it came in was the day I found out I was moving to second grade, so....

I went home and bought this one.
I guess I need to get busy reading it since school begins soon!
I just can't bring myself to read it yet!

I don't know about you and your school, but 
our school system is making a big shift to writing.
I have been blessed to be part of a system wide book club this summer using 

It has had some great ideas and wonderful discussions have stemmed from it.
I think the best thing I like is having talks with teachers from 2nd grade-6th grade.
We really do learn from each other!

As you can see, I do LOVE to read!
What is on your to read list this summer?

July 1, 2016

Currently: July 2016 Edition

Boy, I did a great job for awhile.
Then, I took a break.
Let's be honest.
I stopped.

There are lots of reasons I stopped, but that is a whole other blog post.
(Let's be honest - probably not.)
I have wanted to come back.
I have missed it.
I have missed learning from others.
I have missed the connections.
So, when I saw Big Time Literacy promoting her Big Time Blogging Challenge,
I knew I had to do this!

I hope this means I am back!!!!
So without further adieu..

Currently: July 2016

Listening: We are about to head out for a family get together in Middle Tennessee for the weekend.  I am listening to my son singing as he packs.  The daughter is watching Reba

Loving: I am loving my summer vacation.  I have exactly one month until our first day of school.  ONE. MONTH.

Thinking: "WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO DO!!!????" I am moving to second grade this fall - in one month (have I mentioned that?), and I have no idea what I am going to do.  I have only taught third grade. I am moving rooms, moving teams, moving grades and my brain has been going 200 mph all summer long!!! I am sure many of my posts will be about this!

Wanting: I am wanting lots of things at the time.  I want a day where I don't think about school starting.  I want time to slow down just a little bit because my oldest starts high school in ONE. MONTH.  I want to savor and enjoy each moment that is left.

Needing: I am needing to get my shelf painted in my room.  Once that is done, my room will come along much faster!  I can't complain. We have NEVER been able to get in our room this early! We are usually the last school to be cleaned.  We are usually scrambling about 1-2 weeks before school starts because we were just able to get into the room.

Hoping: That second grade is a good move.  I am hoping I am what these kids need.  I am hoping I can make a difference. I am hoping I can enjoy every little moment.

So... that is what is CURRENTLY going on in my life.
  I am excited about this challenge and can't wait to see what this month holds!
Be sure to check out the other posts at Big Time Literacy each day!