August 9, 2014

Welcome to the Cafe!!!

Our school theme for the past few years has been The Energy Bus and each classroom takes on a 
bus stop.  As I was planning what I would do, I was knee deep in studying The Daily 5 and Cafe books, so I decided to do a cafe theme.
There is not a lot out there!
I had fun planning it and getting it all together.
Each year I have added a little bit more to the room and just love being in my room!
I think that is important!
Here's a look at my room.

The reading area... I wanted it to be a place that was open and inviting to all who came in the room.
I made the big sign at the top of the wall with my cricut.
My mom made the cute pillows and one of the quilts.
Last year's partner teacher had her mother make me the other quilt.  The kids love spreading the quilts and pillows out to read.

Standing in the library, you see my desk area. I got rid of my desk a few years ago and
This is where I have my reading groups and writing conferences.  The white board immediately behind my chair is HORRIBLE! It is not magnetic nor can you write on it very well.
So, I hot glued clothespins to hang my anchor charts!  I will also have a focus poster for each reading group because each group will be focusing on different skills and vocabulary.  Those will also hang there.
Above my alphabet is our AR word countdown.  We started focusing on word count instead of tests taken or points earned.  The kids loved it and were so excited that we read 7 million words!! (Not bad for only having 14 kids!)
Those cupcakes will help us keep up with how many words we have read.
I also have my job chart (which is an apron and proof that I cannot draw!) on the PVC piping chart.
My data boards are below my white boards.  Each child will have a secret number or letter on a cupcake to show their growth throughout the year.

Another view from my library is our Great Work board.  This is one of my favorite parts of the room.
Each pie or cookie pan has a clothespin attached to it with a student's name on a chef's hat.  We hang work they are proud of or something we need to keep up with on this board.

Here's another look at my fat apron job chart.  On the yellow table (that my friend keeps trying to convince me to paint with chalkboard paint), I have supply drawers as well as my reading group tubs.  You see in the picture my great helper - my daughter, LB!  The older she gets the more help she becomes in my room!  Our social studies standards have changed and we are focusing on continents this first semester.  My continent is Australia. I can't wait to take the kids DOWN UNDER!

As soon as you walk in the room I have this huge cabinet to my right.  It winds up being the perfect spot for our behavior charts. I have the rainbow chart for individuals and the brownie point chart for the class.  I love both of them!

That is the majority of my room.  My desks were not picture ready when I took the rest of these. When I have them like I want them, I will take pictures of them!  I am excited about my new third graders coming to the Cafe! I hope we cook up a lot of success this year!