October 16, 2011

Tic-Tac-Know - Author's Purpose Edition

To help review author's purpose with my kids, I created this game.  I called it Tic-Tac-Know because I figure we can play it with any subject at any time!!!

I used a cube Kleenex box (I love those things!) to make my die.  I covered it with wrapping paper (or you could use bulletin board paper as well) and labeled each side - 1 side - persuade, 1 side - inform, 1 side - share feelings, 1 side - free and 2 sides - entertain (since most books we read in third grade are to entertain).  Then cover it with clear contact paper to help maintain wear and tear!

Using a small piece of poster board, I created a tic-tac-toe board and labeled each square with a book we had read in class so far that year. I actually made more than one game board to use in different lessons on author's purpose as well as for backup!!!

I divided the class into two teams and they took turns rolling the die.  Depending on what side of the die came up, they would tell me a book that was written with that purpose.  If the die landed on the free side, they could choose any book on the board that was not already taken as long as they could prove to me what the purpose of the book was.

They loved this game and it really encouraged the higher level thinking skills we were trying to get out of the students.  It got a little heated at times, but that is ok.  I really loved hearing the groups talking trying to figure out what the purpose was and why!!!

Give Me Some PIES!!!!

Our class was reading the book Tops and Bottoms and the skill we were focusing on was Author's Purpose.  To help us get a grip on author's purpose, I had a fellow teacher's husband draw me this HUGE pie on poster board. I thought he did a great job!  I divided the pie into 4 sections and labeled each section with a purpose for writing.

P - persuade
I - inform
E - entertain
S - show/share feelings

To help us give examples of the different purposes for writing, I pulled books we had already read this year and put the titles on sticky notes.  As we would pull a sticky note out, we would decide which purpose fit that book and then placed the sticky note on that section of the pie.  Towards the end of this activity, I pulled out books we had not read and they had to decide based on the title and the cover of the book what the purpose might be.

They really enjoyed this activity and it is one I can leave up in the room, or pull out later to review!

Out of the Loop for 9 years

I have been so blessed to be able to stay at home with my kiddos for the last 9 years!!! The last two years I have been a reading interventionist at their school working part/full time and have loved it.  I thought that was going to be the plan this year as well . . . however, an inflow of third graders came to the school and the numbers in the classrooms had to be lower, so . . .

I have been a third grade teacher for the past 9 weeks.  Not only am I a third grade teacher - I am team teaching.  Our school is so crowded that there was not another room for me!!! So, I have been partnered up with Mrs. Jill and 28 lovely third graders!!! We also have Mrs. Carol who is our paraprofessional and every day is an interesting day!!!!