October 16, 2011

Give Me Some PIES!!!!

Our class was reading the book Tops and Bottoms and the skill we were focusing on was Author's Purpose.  To help us get a grip on author's purpose, I had a fellow teacher's husband draw me this HUGE pie on poster board. I thought he did a great job!  I divided the pie into 4 sections and labeled each section with a purpose for writing.

P - persuade
I - inform
E - entertain
S - show/share feelings

To help us give examples of the different purposes for writing, I pulled books we had already read this year and put the titles on sticky notes.  As we would pull a sticky note out, we would decide which purpose fit that book and then placed the sticky note on that section of the pie.  Towards the end of this activity, I pulled out books we had not read and they had to decide based on the title and the cover of the book what the purpose might be.

They really enjoyed this activity and it is one I can leave up in the room, or pull out later to review!

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