December 14, 2015

Taking a Trip to FRANCE

We are so excited about the next Market Day we have coming up this week.  We have been working hard on researching the culture of France.

What is culture? Culture is the music, food, language, holidays, art and every day life of a certain place.

We used this padlet to help us research the culture of France.

So, what have we learned about France?

Using the TIDE method, write a paragraph giving information about France's culture.

Remember TIDE:

T - introduce the topic
ID - important details
E - end

Animal Adaptations

We have spent numerous weeks learning about animals and how they adapt to their environments.  We specifically looked at 3 of these adaptations - 
camouflage, hibernation and migration.

It is your time now to tell me all you know about one of these adaptations.

So, describe a way an animal can adapt to their environment.

Remember to use TIDE.

T - introduce the topic
ID - important details
E - end

December 13, 2015

Book Challenge #10 & #11

Dear Students,

    I finally finished it!  For the past umteen forever weeks, I have been trying to read Dork Diaries #3 Tales of a Not-So-Talented Pop Star.  Thanks, Lilly, for recommending this book to me.  I will admit that I really did not want to read this book at first.  This is probably the reason I had a hard time getting into it and getting it done.  However, I did enjoy it.  I liked the book because I really do believe it gives you a good look into how kids feel during the middle school/junior high years.  Most kids are very concerned about keeping their friends and keeping secrets that may effect how others feel about them.  I also loved how it was written in a journal.  I would encourage all of you to keep a journal.  You don't have to write in it every day, but when things happen to you, write them down in the book.  It is super fun to look and read it later on in life.  Thank you, Lilly!  I am try to read another one of these soon, but I have other challenges to get to!

     Thanks to Aaron the next book I picked up was Magic Tree House #46: Dogs in the Dead of Night.  I will admit I have enjoyed reading these Magic Tree House books that have come out later.  I use to read them to LB and Carter, but these later ones have come out since then.  When I first saw this, I thought it might take place in Alaska or somewhere like that.  I was shocked about how wrong I was because it takes place in the Alps.  I thought that was awesome since we are studying Europe right now.  I also loved the history with Napoleon coming in as a supporting character. Who would love to know more about him?  My favorite part was the dogs!  I think Saint Bernards are SUPER cute.  I don't want one living in my house, but I think they are precious!  I loved learning more about these dogs and how important they were to the people in the Alps.  I may have to read the Fact Tracker book that goes along with this one now! It was a great read, Aaron!

     What is up next?  Thanks for all the suggestions! I have enjoyed them!

Your teacher,
Mrs. Becky

December 7, 2015

A Look at the Aboriginal Culture

The Aborigines were Australia's first inhabitants.
They were a group of people who were nomadic, hunter-gatherers living
in the Outback.
They believed the land belonged to all living creatures - 
humans, plants and animals.
The Aboriginal culture believed in the mythical time of Dreamtime. 
This was the time when the ancient spirits created the world we live in,
and the world they cherish.

Analyze these pictures of the Aboriginal culture.

STUDENTS:  Explain how the Aborigines lived showing the land was an important part of their lives.

Remember to use TIDE to help you explain.
T - introduce the topic
ID - important details
E - end