December 7, 2015

A Look at the Aboriginal Culture

The Aborigines were Australia's first inhabitants.
They were a group of people who were nomadic, hunter-gatherers living
in the Outback.
They believed the land belonged to all living creatures - 
humans, plants and animals.
The Aboriginal culture believed in the mythical time of Dreamtime. 
This was the time when the ancient spirits created the world we live in,
and the world they cherish.

Analyze these pictures of the Aboriginal culture.

STUDENTS:  Explain how the Aborigines lived showing the land was an important part of their lives.

Remember to use TIDE to help you explain.
T - introduce the topic
ID - important details
E - end


  1. Do you know the Aborigines were? They were the first to discover Australia. They thote land was very important.
    They should through their art they make. There pante was all made of earth subjects and the were all earth colers. They draw animals and plants, but sometimes they draw more than just that.
    They thote land belonged to everybody. Tee dreamtime made was one reason that made them think land belonged to everybody. They told storys that also made them think land belongs to everybody.
    They relied on the land for everything they own. There water they owned, and they need water to life. There food food they owned was also from the land, they also need food to service. They had a little bit of furniture, but all of there furnisher came from land. evin there clothes came from lan, and they need cloths to kver up their private spots.
    So now you know about the Aborigines were now you can go and teach someone else about them.
    By Abigail

  2. We are going to talk about the aborigials. The aborigials live in the outback where there,s a big huge deserst in australia. The earth was important to them to make carving picture and making
    from rocks and treebarks and use painting for dreamtime and like they killed a big animal. The
    aborigines were hunter gather clan like they collect food and water . The aborigines also had
    no concept of land ownership possions . This is why the aborigials was important to them because all this thing they do.
    by Achilles Gonzalez

  3. he Aborigines are native people that live in the Outback and Australia. The land was an important part of their lives.

    The land was important because they had to get food and water. Surviving in the Outback was not easy, most of their time was spent obtaining food and water.The land was important because
    Dreamtime can tell stories and songs.Dreamtime was told using art and songs. Religious
    beliefs centered on Dreamtime.

    They thought the land was not just theirs everybody's! The Aborigines were nomadic,and traveled. They were travellers of Clans.Because the Aborigines had few possessions.

    Today, most Aborigines live in cities or work as stockmen, or people who look after livestock, on Outback stations. However, a small number still live much as their ancestors in the Outback did for thousands of years.

    By Alex Jones

  4. Did you know that Aborigines are the indians of Australia. They lived 40,000 years ago. The indians had Dreamtime.Dreamtime is a time to talk to spirits,also sing. They make art from earth . They used blood to make pictures. They used coconut for pictures. They thought the land belonged to everyone. they thought that the animals would have no habitat. They also thought that the animals wouldn't have water because they are scared of people cause they would shoot them. Also they followed them. So the Aborigines are Australia's indians.
    By: Ben

  5. The aborinals were the native people of australia.They were nomads. They thought the land was important.
    The aborinals thought the land owend them. They thought like the plants and animals they belonged to the land.Today we think the land belongs to us.
    The aborinals used earth colors in their art. They used animals as well.They also used humans in their art.
    They relied on the land for reccoures. The aborignals hunted for recoues . They gatherd their recoures.
    That is why the aborinals thought the land was important.
    The Aborinals lived 40,000 YEARS before the europeans came to australia. They TRAVLED ALOT! Many beliefs came from stories called dreamtime.

    Dreamtime stories were the sourece of beliefs. They were made up and told at night. They were often told in art and song.
    By: Benjamin Hodges

  6. By Colt James
    Do you know what the Aboriginals are? .The Aboriginals are Australia’s indines. The Aboriginals live in this larg desirt called the.Outback.The Aboriginals carfed on rock walls.Aboriginals used earth colors in there painting.
    The Aboriginals reilide on recorsece from the land.They thought land owned them because they thought that was greedy.

  7. The Aborigines where people who travel all around the world. They travel all around the world because they lived in the Outback which is a huge desert. The Aborigines lived showing the land was important part of their lives. The Aborigines were people that used the ground colors for their paintings that they made on rocks and bark. They used spots for there painting too. The Aborigines thought the land owned them not them owning the land. The Aborigines relied on land resources. The Earth was important to the Aborigines.
    Demi Stoll

  8. The aborigine are live parts of lives. The aborigines are travel hunters and native people.
    live 40,000 years ago . They live in Australia. They liked dreamtime were told by songs and art.

    They had no concept of land ownership. Land is for everyone . They had to follow their food or else they would die.They are still living in Australia as outbacks and stockmen. They made pictures with Earth colors. Surviving the outback was not easy. They are are frequently moving. The aborigine had a few possession .They were nomadic for food .

    Aborigines are Native people of Australia and traveling hunters .

    By Dhanin

  9. The Aboriginals were the native people of Australia.The Aboriginals lived in the outback of Australia.The Aboriginals has been here for thousands of years.

    In America you can buy your own land but in the outback of Australia people did not own houses they thought that they belong to the land.The Aboriginals thought they belonged with the animals and plants.They thought the land was everybody.They The land meant the so much to them because the land had the nutrients the Aboriginals needed.

    The Aboriginals have been painting for many years.they have been painting on rocks.

    By Elijah

  10. By . Emma Clare We are talking about the Aboriginals . The Aboriginals are people that put first foot on Australia ! The Aboriginals belive in Dreamtime and still do belive . The Aboriginals were hunter- gatherers . The Aboriginals lived in the OutBack . Do you know what an OutBack is ? An OutBack is a desert . Do you know what is in a desert ? In a desert there are camels , Oasis , and sand that the sun hits and makes it very HOT . Did you know that they used earth colors in there art .

  11. Aboriginals are native people they live in Australia they live nomadic . Dreamtime often features animals, animal tracks and humans . Dreamtime was made by art and song. The oldest paintings were made about 30,000 years ago. Land belonged to everybody because the plants and animals belong to land they had. No land ownership they hunt for food and water.They have no concept of landownership Relieved on land for resources. Food and water aboriginals move frequently. Aboriginals are native people from Australia they do art in caves.

    By Hayden

  12. The Aboriginals lived in the Outback of australia you can find them on island’s The Aborigines are a type of indian’s.

    Aboriginals lived showing land was very important in many different ways.
    They wrote about land ,they believed it was everyone's and they need it because it helps them survive.Land is all they draw about.

    They still live today and do this stuff.


  13. Do you know how Aboriginals are? They are the people how lived at a place first. I am talking about the Aboriginals from Australia.

    The Aboriginals relide on recorsece from the land. They got water from the land. They were nomadic because they followed there recorcese.

    They thought like the plants and animals they belonged to the land. They did not own land. They did not think owning land was right.

    They used Earth colers for there art. They used rocks and tree bark as what they painted on. They used Earth things in there paintings.

    That is why I was talking about the Aboriginals from Australia. They realy did live in Australia first. They are the natives of Austalia.
    BY Jonathan

  14. The Aboriginals showed the land was important by art. Aboriginal dot art on rocks,rock walls and tree bark. These Aboriginals make paint by animal blood and dirt and mud and more. Aboriginals make paint with nature.
    Aboriginals say that the land belongs to everyone. Like animals and humans and plants. The Aboriginals also share land with relatives and kinship.
    The Aborigines relied on the land for resources. The Aboriginals move frequently they have a few possessions.

    BY Kaylee

  15. Do you know a few humans that were Australia’s first people? These humans/people are called the Aborigines. They do different parts and of how they live which is very different from us. They did parts back then when we weren't even born. Mrs.Becky wasn’t even born. They lived in Australia for a very long time.
    They loved to create art. One way they did it was by using their environment. It would inspire them to create their beautiful art. They would usually do it with bark, rocks or rock walls. Sometimes when they do art it would tell them about Dreamtime. Dreamtime there was when they did art and sang songs. Sometimes it is about animals, animal tracks, and even humans. They even have paintings on their bodies. One time this little girl said they looked liked zebras. They would have orange and white.
    They also believed that land belonged to everybody. They got their food, water, shelter and and more food like coconuts to paint with. I mean like duh, of course they would they would love land/nature. They believed that animals, plants and other humans needed land/nature like the Aborigines needed it.
    They had a lot of resources. They were very nomadic. Nomadic means that they traveled a lot. They hunters living in the Outback. They killed animals for food.

  16. Do you know what a Aboriginal is? Do you know were they live? An Aboriginal are people who live in Australia. They lived a long time ago . Aboriginals are nomatic,they live in the outback.

    The Aborigines replied on the land because their water comes from the creeks on the land. There food comes from the animals that live on the land. There pant comes from the beries ,and frouit.

    They believed that the land belonged to all living creaturs and humans. They did think the land belonged to animals.That also inclooded plants.

    By Kyson

  17. The aborigines were Australia’s first inhabitants.they were a group of people who were nomadic,hunter-gatherers living in the Outback.they believed the land belonged to all living creatures -humans.


  18. The Aboriginals were people who depended on nature to survive. Aboriginals lived in Africa. Aboriginals are still alive today.

    They depend on resources so they could make paint to make art. Rocks are used to paint on.
    A rock is a resource.

    They did not believe land only belonged to them. It belonged to nature and creation. If they put their tents by the only lake. How would the animals survive? If the animals could not survive without water they would die and where would they get food.

    Land was important to them because of their art, their survival, and their food.
    BY: Lilly Allen

  19. The aboriginals were the first people in Austraila.They were like our Native Americans.They were nomadic and hunter gatherers living in the outback.They depended on nature to survive.They showed land was important by art.It showed what they had and what they thought and nature.It showed what they cherish.They showed this by dot art.They thought land belonged to every one wich belonged to plants,animals, and people and every thing that lives.They relied on land for recorses like dreamtime.Every thing they needed or had came from nature.They depended on nature to survive.
    By Lily Sanford.

  20. The Aborigines were a group of people who traveled a lot. Did you know they lived in the outback in Australia? Some of them live now and some of them lived in the past. The Aborigines lived showing the land was important.
    The land is important to them because at Dreamtime they drew and sang. Dreamtime is the mythical time when ancestor spirits moved across the land and gave it form . Stories of Dreamtime were told in art & song.
    Also the land was important to them because without food they could die so they would travel around the outback and it would take millions of hrs to get out of the outback and to get food. So imagine how long it would take to get back.and if they didn’t get to travel they would not survive.
    They thought the land belonged to everyone. They say that it is not fair to others because some of them probably had lots of land and it did not feel happy they would probably feel jealous. We get jealous some times when someone has the last of something.
    So do you know more about the Aboriginals.

    By: Mackenzie

  21. The Aborigines were a group of people who were nomadic,hunter-gathers living in the Outback. The Aborigines lived showing the land was inportant to them. The Aborigines relied on recorseces of the land.They beleived that they, like the plants and animals. They thought plants and animals belonged to the land. They had no land ownership. The Aborigines painted land on their art. Stories of Dreamtime were told in art and songs. Did you know the Aborigines lived in the Outback? The Outback is the Desert where the Aborigines lived at. In the Desert the Aborigines don’t have a lot of food or water. By Maggie Jo

  22. he Aborigines are a group of people who traveled for food and water. They lived in the Outback of Australia. The Aborigines have lived for a long time. They thought that no one owned land. The
    Aborigines art back then was nothing like the art we make now. They used land for their art.
    The Aborigines also used land for resorces.

    The Aborigines had no concept of land ownership.

    By: McKenzie Adams

  23. The Aborigines where people who traveled for food and water.The aboriginals lived for hundreds of years some even live today.They lived in the Austrailian Outback.

    They showed that land was important they used the land for travel,and food.If the aboriginals saw food they would stay for awhile then leave.The aboriginals art was not like are art today there art was made of dots.They also painted on rock walls,and bark.Many artists still make aboriginal art.That’s why land is important to the aboriginals.

    By your faithful student Nathan Salvador

  24. The Aborigines were people that traveled at the outback.Some live today and some lived long ago.The Aborigines thought that the land was home to everyone they did not believe that people had there own property.The Aborigines were nomadic.

    The aborigines drew story’s on the land at dreamtime and sang the Aborigines believed in
    spirits and not God’s.If there was not land the Aborigines would not have been able to draw art on the land

    If there was not land the Aborigines would not have food or water and they could not survive.They had to travel and if there was not land they would die of thirst and food so they needed land.

    By: Oliver

  25. by Perry Do you know the Aborigines. Aborigines are indines from australi. They play mucic like the digredo. They used art in eath coules. They were nomadic people in the Outback.They were maoris they came to new zealand.They used eath coules on rock walls and tree bark for many yeas. They used dot art in the Outback. They thouth that the land owend them. They were in groups of people.They did dreamthime in art.

  26. Do you know Native peple like the indanais? The Aboriginens were won just like the indanais. The Aboriginals were native peple just like the indanais. The Aborigines lived in Australia for over 40,000 befor the Europeans came over.They still live in Austalia

    They had no concept of land ownership.They thot land was everyone’ was very inportent to them.They rlied on land for resources like food and water.

    They made paint that was from land.They used the paint to make paintings. the paint was from land.

    They still live in Australia.

    by raiden

  27. The Aborigines traveled for food and water. Some live today . They lived in the Outback in Australia. Land was important to them.

    The land was really important to the Aboriginals because their was herds of Buffalo they have to eat to survive and there's not much water to obtain.

    Also, the land was important to them because Dreamtime they believe how the spirits made the land.

    Also, they thought the land was everyone's not just theirs to hog and be greedy.

    That's why I think the land was important to the Aborigines.

    By Wyatt Shirley

  28. The Aboriginals are a group of people that travel to find food and water.They live in the Outback of Australia and have lived there for over 40,000 years before the Europeans came to Australia.

    They thought no one owned the land.That is why they are called a nomadic group of people.If they saw a bush of berries they would not camp there because they thought that it was not fair to the the animals.

    They put their art on land because they do not have paper,or paint board and they use their hands because they do not have pencils,markers,paint brushes,chalk,or colored pencils.

    By: Zoe