November 18, 2015

Dian Fossey: A Gorilla's Best Friend

Many different kinds of people have helped to shape the world we live in today.
We have learned about lawyers who whose poems have been turned into songs we sing today.
We have learned about women who helped take a stand for women's rights.
This week we have learned about a woman who took a stand for animal's rights.

This woman is Dian Fossey.
Dian was a woman who always had a love for animals.
This love for animals grew towards gorillas as she focused on their lives in Rwanda and Congo in Africa.  While living close to them in a remote rainforest camp, she studied how the gorillas lived together in their camps.  She also studied how they socialized with each other, what they ate, and how they communicated with other gorillas.
She fought very hard against poachers who were killing these animals for fun.
She also was opposed to tourism in the rainforest because she believed the gorillas could get sick from human germs as well as just upsetting the gorillas' natural habitat.

STUDENTS: Dian Fossey's life added so much to the scientific world.  Explain what her discoveries were and how they affect our world today.

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Remember your essay outline:
paragraph 1 - introduce Dian Fossey
paragraph 2 - What were her discoveries?
paragraph 3 - How do her discoveries affect our world today?
paragraph 4 - conclusion


  1. We are talking about Dain Fossey she loves to studie about gorillas. Did you know that Dian Fossey studied gorillas in the African country of Rwanda. Dian Fossey discovered about how females transfer from group to group,along with gorilla vocalization,social relationships,diet,and how gorillas recycle nutrients. It efects our world because other people did not get to studie gorillas like Dian Fossey did along time ago.
    By Maggie Jo

  2. Dian Fossey was born in San Francisco California 1932.When Dian Fossey died it was in 1985.Dian Fossey visit with Dr.Louis Leakey at old wai Gorge. Dian Fossey was an American zoologist who studied gorillas in African country of Rwanda.
    Dian Fossey got to search for gorillas and take photos with them.Dian Fossey attended Lowell High school and then enrolled in business school at the college of Marin.
    In 1955 Dian Fossey took a job at Kosair Crippled children's hospital.While working at the hospital she stayed with a family on a farm and again fell in love with working with animals.It has affect us today because now we can think back to Dian Fossey and think of her as the gorilla women.
    Dian Fossey leaned a lot about gorillas now we can think back to how Dian Fossey got to see gorillas. I hope we all thank Dian Fossey for what she did for us.Dian Fossey studied a lot of gorillas.Thank you so much.


  3. Francisco , california. Dian fossey was a america zoologist who studied gorillkintalkinwe are going g about a women named Dian Fossey. . Dian fossey was born in san as in african country.
    dian fossey. opposed poaching and capture of gorillas. on new year,s day 1977 dian,s favorite
    gorilla was digit was killed by poacher. she attended lowell high school and then enrolled in business school and college of marin by achilles


  4. Do you know a woman who helped amrica? Dian Fossey was a great sciecetest who helped amirca. This is about her discoveries and how they effect us today.

    Dian Fossey made discovires about how females transfer from group to group. She also discovred gorila vocalization. She also made discovries about soicail relationship,diet,and how gorillas recycle nutrients.

    Now a days the people in Africa know what this stuff is. Females transfer to group to group. They know gorilla vocalization, soical relationships, how to eat diet, and how grolilas recycle.

    That is all she did. That is what she discoverd That is how they effect us today. by benjamin

  5. Dian Fossey was a primatolgist for 2 decades.She was born in San fricico 1932 on December the 26th and died 1985 December the 27th.She got to look for gorillas and take photo with them.
    Primatolgist means apes.That means that she was studying apes.A gorilla is a type of ape.
    Sence she was studying gorillas she made the Digit fund.Know it is known as the
    Dian Fossey Gorilla International.

  6. Do you know Dian Fossey.Dian Fossey was a zoologist and a nurse. Dian Fossey suddy animals.She helped children as a nurse at Kosair Crippled Children’s Hospital.Then Dian fell in love with animals again.

    When Dian was six her parents divorced.Dian was born San Francisco ,California.ByColt

  7. Do you konw Dian Fossey. Dian Fossey was a scintist and she was a nures in a children’s hospild.She was a zoologist and she was a primatologist. She was a nures in kogeos.When she was in high school she was in a business.
    She found abouwt three apes in congo. Fossey made discoveries about females.
    by perry

  8. We are talking about Dian Fossey and how she got to be famose . Dian Fossey was a zoologist that stuied gorillas . Ms. Fossey fell in love with animals and was able to take a trip to Africa in 1963 for 7 weeks . Dian Fossey wanted to learn more about gorillas .

    Did you know that Dian had a favorite gorilla . The gorillas name was Digit . Digit was killed by poachers . BY; Emma Williams