November 2, 2015

Book Challenge #5 & #6

Dear Students,

     I feel like I am finally getting in the groove of reading!  This weekend I finished two books I think you should all read.  The first one I read on Friday while I sat out with y'all at your play time. I needed to get some Vitamin D (which you get from the sun) and I love watching you play!  It is a poetry book.  I know many of you have not read a poetry book yet and neither had I!  It is called It's Thanksgiving!  It is full of poems about Thanksgiving Day and the traditions around that holiday (which just happens to be one of my favorites).  I think my favorite poem had to be the one about watching the football game.  I liked it because our family loves to watch football at anytime.  In the poem, the dad yells at the tv.  I can relate to that because I have been known to yell at the tv myself!  I think you should all read this one! There are two copies in the red bucket.

     The next book I finished was a Magic Tree House book that La'Tariyahna challenged me to read.  I love the fact that she wanted me to read a book she had read.  (If any of the rest of you want to challenge me to read a book, please do so!)  This book is called Danger in the Darkest Hour.  When I first got it, I had no idea what it would be about.  I read the inside of the jacket cover and realized it was about one of my favorite times in history - World War II.  I just loved the whole thing.  My favorite part (without giving away the ending) was that Jack learned he has the ability to do whatever he puts his mind to doing.  Kathleen had lost her magic, and Jack was freaking out that they were going to get caught by the Nazis.  She and Annie played a little trick on Jack, but it was only to give him the confidence he needed.  I really love reading anything about WWII because both of my grandfathers fought in WWII.  I think many of you would enjoy this book.  Thank you, La'Tariyahna for challenging me to read this one!

     What will I read next?  Someone (who forgot to put their name on the comment) challenged me to read I Survived September 11, 2001.  I am going to try to read that one if it is in the library.  I am worried about reading that one because I remember that day very vividly.  However, I will give it a try for sure!  What do you think I should read?

Your book loving teacher,
Mrs. Becky

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