November 6, 2015

Super Hero Assembly: Our Community

In August, the third graders were in charge of our Super Hero Assembly at school.
In September, we had a hallway assembly recognizing those students who had participated in the Summer Reading Program.
In October, the Kindergarteners were in charge.
They have been studying community helpers, and wanted to highlight them in a special assembly.
Different kindergarteners brought his/her parents who help our community in different ways.

Them we all got to go out in the back lot to touch the different trucks our community heroes use in their jobs. The kids loved it.

Our electric company. 

Our road crew came to show us what they use.

Our super heroes that keep up safe.

Even those who keep our country safe came to visit.

We had a wonderful time and appreciate the Kindergartners stepping up
to lead us in this way!

STUDENTS: Which vehicle was your favorite?

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