October 29, 2015

Book Challenge #4

Dear Students,

     I am making some headway on my challenge! The past few weeks I went back to my "happy reading place" and read a historical fiction book called The Girl in the Torch. WOW! This one was great!  It is about a girl named Sarah who lives in Europe.  Her parents are planning to come to America when tragedy happens.  Finally, she and her mother get to America only to have her mother be stopped at Ellis Island.  It looks like Sarah will have to go back to her homeland when she decides to jump off the ship and swim to Liberty Island.  For weeks, she hides out on the island getting food out of trash cans and actually sleeping in Lady Liberty's crown.  I thought the story would end there, but it doesn't!  Many times it seems like Sarah's dream of becoming an American citizen is going to not come true.  Even at the last chapter I was beginning to wonder!  If you enjoyed our study of Ellis Island, you will enjoy this one.  Lots of adventure, suspense and history all rolled into one.  Unfortunately, I cannot count it as a mystery!  Oh well! I know many of you will enjoy reading this one!


Your history loving teacher,
Mrs. Becky


  1. Can you read Isurvived the attack of 9-11

  2. I would love that book to read. You can read that book because I know you can. Journee

    1. Journee, I think you would love that book!