August 17, 2015

American Symbols Opinion Writing

Our testing this year is 100% different.
In February, we are going to be taking 3 tests in reading, math and social studies
on the computer.  The reading and social studies test will be a writing prompt that the students will type on the computer.
In our training from Cathy, we have been told that our social studies test will mainly be centered around primary sources and the writing will more than likely be opinion writing.
Our writing team decided we needed to see what our students knew and what they could do.
In second grade, they studied in depth the American symbols.
So, we created this packet.
This packet includes the following:
1 color clip art collage
1 black and white clip art collage
1 opinion essay rubric
1 writing scoring sheet
1 color writing page
1 black and white writing page

We had the students look at this collage and answer the prompt below it.
We gave them 15 minutes to write everything they could.
We graded it according to the rubric.
Now, we have something to talk to them about that deals with their writing and where they are right now.
We also have their first writing for their writing folders.

We used this as a prewriting assessment to see where they were and where we needed to take them.
However, this would be an easy way to also assess if they understood the symbols you had talked about in your class. 
You can get it in my TPT store here.

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