January 21, 2016

A World of Art

Our world is full of all different kinds of art.
We have cave paintings from the earliest times that show us how they lived
and what they hunted.
We have simple pictures that were carved and used for storytelling as well as 
for trade.
Paintings are still treasured in museums and other places showing us how people looked
and celebrations from years ago.
Dances are done to celebrate, to show rites of passage and to entertain.
Storytelling has evolved into books, plays, movies and theater.
Music has taken us through people's emotions as they experience different times
in life.

All of these are different types of art that have been important over time to many different
societies in our world.

STUDENTS:  As you read the introduction to our text A World of Arts, you learned how art was and is so much more than just drawings and paintings.  You also learned how each one of these was important to people in our world.  Do you agree that art is important to the world in which we live?  Use evidence from the text to support your answer.


  1. The arts have been important to all civilizations. Drawings, paintings, theater, dance, and music are each a type of art. Art has communicated ideas, expressed emotions, recorded history, and entertained people. All forms of art have used for many years. Pictographs are also a type of art. They are not used now days, but a pictograph was an art many years back in history. Although that does not mean pictographs are not important. Art is special. It can give people ideas or help them think about something. The arts have been important to all civilizations.

  2. rt can be paintings drawings and evan sculpting. People do art creatively with clay,ice, and more. Art doesn’t just have to have clay,markers, crayons and ice.People can be creative by showing what's important to them.People dance,draw,paint and carve,theater and music.Art perform an important role in people's lives.Everyone has something in mind with art.

    Dance was an imortant feature of celebrations and ceremonies.Dance groups traveled from city to city to perform.

    People acted back then they could act and perform theater.

    Music was apart of the early civilization. people play instruments and sing songs.

    People make sculptures and back then they did not have paper so people painted on trees and caves.

    All important things like dancing, drawings,music and theater are important things to do to people.

  3. Art has been a crucial role in history. People ask “What is art?” There are many answers to that question though. Some people’s answers are just drawings or paintings. Art can be dance, music, pictographs, and theater. The arts have played a crucial role in history and still do today.

    Dance is an important feature of art. Greek people danced for fun in celebrations. The Greek also danced for ceremonies. They danced for funerals and weddings too. They danced to announce preparations for war.

    Music is also an important feature of art. People in ancient Africa played drums and drums became popular in Africa. Some people say music is the broadest reach in art. Some people can hear and feel art. That is why art is also called “the universal language.”

    Theater is also an important feature of art. Ancient Greece was the country to introduce theater. Ancient Greece presented and meda plays. They comedies and situations that were funny. Rome used props and costumes.

    Drawings and paintings are also another important piece of art. Sumerians drew simple little pictures. They used pictographs to trade with other goods. The Sumerians carved seals for themselves. The seals were made of clay. Paintings help us see what people looked like.

    As you see dance, theater, music, and drawings are an important role in history. The arts do still play a role in our world.