January 31, 2016


Many people believe hurricanes can be one of the most dangerous storms the earth sees.

These storms are fierce and leave nothing but destruction in their paths.

They have been known to wipe out complete towns with their damaging winds and water.

STUDENTS:  Many people believe hurricanes are dangerous storms.  Do you agree or disagree?  Use evidence from the text Severe Weather Alerts to support your answer.


  1. A hurricane can cause damage.The hurricanes speed is to 74 miles per hour.The hurricanes wind can pull the water to the city.The wind of the hurricane is to 74 to 200.The hurricane wides to 600 miles wide.A hurricane is a dangerous storm.Have you seed a hurricane before? nop i have int see one before

  2. Do you find a hurricane as a dangerous storm? A hurricane is a dangerous storm.

    A hurricane can be a destrutive storm. A hurricane brakes anything in its path. Hurricanes can rip items and make buildings fall over. A hurricane can be destrutiv.

    A hurricane can be a dangerous storm. Hurricanes can hurt people really badly. Hurricanes have strong winds. There winds can be from 74 mph to almost 200 mph. A hurricane can sling cars and they can hit people.

    Hurricanes are a very dangerous tipe of storm. Is a hurricane a dangerous storm to you?

  3. A hurricane is a bad storm. They are like tornadoes. They happen by water. Hurricanes grow over tropical ocean water. They can kill many people. A hurricane makes a lot of damage. A hurricane does not make many damage when it moves over water. Some hurricane are as much as 600 miles wide. They don’t happen very often. There spinning may be large. That is why hurricanes are dangerous.