November 26, 2011

Colonial Times Food

A few weeks ago, we read the book William's House in our reading series.  I love this story for many reasons, but I really enjoy it because of the history it teaches.  There were many vocabulary words in the story that we just are not familiar with because of the time period.  So, I brought a bit of it home  . . .

We made butter that morning as the children came in to the room.  I put whipping cream in some clean jars with marbles.  The children passed the jars around shaking them turning the cream into butter.  They LOVED this.  After the butter was made, we placed it in the refrigerator until it was time to eat it with our cornbread muffins (thank you, Jiffy!).  I had placed tomatoes, corn and lima beans in the crockpot to cook during the day for our succotash.  That day PTO gave us all a popcorn party, so we had a colonial meal anyone would be proud of!!!!  We washed it all down with a noggin' of apple cider just like William.

I was really surprised how much the children enjoyed their snacks.  More than one came back for seconds (and thirds) on the succotash!!!

YAY for food in the classroom to make things come alive!!!!

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