June 26, 2015

Cooking Up Success Calendar

When I decided to do a Cafe/Bakery theme a few years ago,
I quickly realized there was NOTHING out there for this room theme.
Therefore, I was made had to figure out to make different things to fit my classroom theme.
I have always seemed to make things harder than they really have to be.

One of the very first things I made was this calendar set.
It was BAD!
I put it up on TPT for free, and it was still BAD!

So, I decided to spruce it up a bit as well as add some things to it. 

Here are the month cards.
I figure you can use them as headers for your calendars, but could also put them at a center to put the months of the year in order.

 I then decided to add number cards to the set as well.
They were in a separate set, but, again, needed a makeover!
Again, these could also be used at a center to put numbers in order.

 In a previous set, I had some special days cards, but while I was on a roll, I decided to do a little more with them.

I love using these in my room, and can't wait to see how the new set looks in my room this year.
You can get this set here for FREE for a limited time!
I will be honest - 
It took quite a bit of time, so they will not stay free for long!
Hope these can help you
Cook Up Success
in your room this year.

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