June 19, 2015

Happily Ever... Madeover

While my kids have been at church camp this week, I have attended TN Core training which I will post about later.  I have been on MULTIPLE dates with my husband! I started working with the TPT Sellers Challenge.

Our first challenge was to do a makeover on one of our products.  I chose one of the very first things I had ever made for TPT - my Preamble unit.  I extended the sale on this one, so pick it up while it's one sale.

I loved how it looked and so I decided to do some more.

My other unit that I enjoy teaching at the beginning of the year is our Happily Ever After Unit.  I love teaching about fairy tales for so many reasons.  Last year, we bumped it up a notch or two and incorporated more writing into the unit.  This unit includes:
our plan for the unit that can last as long as you want it to 
anchor chart ideas 
fairy tale characteristic cards
a chart for the students to record the characteristics they see in each fairy tale
writing brainstorming papers 
fairy tale writing paper

I added some extra pages from this past year of teaching.
I redid the cover as well.
You can buy the unit on sale here.

To go along with the unit, I redid the Fairy Tale Characteristic Cards you can buy separately.  I made them a lot bigger, changed up some of the clip art and added a cover page to it. 
You can buy it on sale here.
I am looking forward to using this pack in the upcoming year. I will be sure to write about it on the blog when I do. 
Unit then.... I hope you live your summer


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