February 1, 2016

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I remembered!
I remembered only because I put it on my calendar!
I am so excited to be back for this month's edition of 
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I am LISTENING to college basketball right now.  More specifically, I am listening to North Carolina and Louisville.  I don't know why it is still on but it is.  I am the kind of girl that can watch ANYONE play college basketball, but I can't stand either of these teams!  The channel will probably be changing soon!

I am LOVING Pioneer Woman!  I have always loved her!  I have every cookbook, but always get lost in the photographs she has and her stories.  However, tonight I was determined (after a one hour meeting after school) to make her Baked Ziti!  I got her Dutch Oven for Christmas and cooked it in that. OH. MY. GOODNESS.  I will be making this again in bulk to freeze because, let's be honest, it was a little much to try to throw together after school.

I am THINKING that I am not ready for our testing to begin next week.  Yes, in Tennessee, we are taking Part 1 of our TNReady testing next week.  Now, I have done all I can do to get my precious children ready.  I know I have done everything possible, but I am not ready to see what this is going to be like for them!  This part is mostly responding to a prompt and writing an essay on the computer.  They will do that for social studies (see my social studies tab to see how we have been TRYING to prepare them for that) and reading.  Math is a whole different world, and I am so glad I don't teach it!

I am WANTING another day off of school.  I actually am getting one next week in the middle of testing - great planning, right!  I will be off the day they do their math testing, so that is my day to babysit while they aren't testing.  I really just want a "Becky" day, but don't see that in my future!

I am NEEDING some extra hours in the day.  My son was sick yesterday. My daughter isn't feeling the best today. I have had no sleep in the last 2 nights.  I just have a lot to do to get ready for next week.  When it rains, it pours, right!

I am SWOONING over the fact that my dear husband knows I am at my breaking point.  He knows our boy did not let me farther than 5 feet away from him yesterday and my house looks like someone dropped a bomb in it - especially the kitchen.  I came home today to laundry done and the kitchen clean. (Only for me to mess it up again cooking that delicious Baked Ziti!  However, I am glad to say I was able to clean it tonight so he won't be upset!)

I am glad February is a short month.  I am glad we get a 4 day weekend in February.  I am glad there is always a chance of snow in February.  I am glad this writing test will be over in February.  Looking for the blessings during this month.  How about you?


  1. I'm glad February is a short month, too. I'm still trying to figure out where my Winter Break went!

    Wishing you an awesome month!
    The Third Grade Learning Spot

  2. I hope you get some much needed rest soon! I'm no fan of snow, but it definitely looks like you need some snowed in days!

    Your husband sounds just wonderful! It's good that he's in tune with your needs!

    Wishing you rest, relaxation and a Happy Teaching month!

  3. What a great husband! It's so hard when our kids are sick. They just want us near them but there's so much that doesn't get done. I am a huge fan of the Pioneer Woman too! I made her wild rice casserole for Thanksgiving dinner and got tons of compliments on it. I just bought her cookbook from Costco to try out. What's your favorite recipe?? Hoping things calm down for you. Hang in there!
    Joya :)

  4. I know what you mean about a day to yourself. I am taking a personal day this week, which I never do! My hubby and I are heading to the mountains for some skiing and relaxation! I hope you get a break soon and that the kids are feeling better!!