February 23, 2016

JFK: Carrot, Egg or Coffee Bean? You Decide.

John F. Kennedy
by Amanda Perkins

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, MA. He had 8 brothers and sisters. His nickname was Jack.  John was sick as a child. When John was 3 years old, the family moved to a new home. John’s father, Joseph, was a good father. Joseph was a businessman. He fought discrimination because he was Irish Catholic. John’s great-grandfather came to the United States from Ireland. John’s grandfathers had both been politicians..

The family lived a happy life. They had a vacation home in Hyannis Port on Cape Cod. John’s family had a nanny to help care for the nine children. John went to Choate, a school for boys. In 1936, John graduated from Choate. He went on to Harvard University. John graduated from Harvard in 1940. After college, he joined the Navy. He fought in World War II.

After returning from war, John’s dad pushed him to run for Congress. He won in 1946. John served a 6 year term in the House of Representatives. He was elected to the U.S. Senate. As a senator, he married Jacqueline Bouvier. Soon, the couple had a little baby girl, Caroline.

John decided to run for president. At the age of 43, John became the youngest president ever elected on November 8, 1960. He was first Catholic president. John and Jacqueline’s second child was born right before the inauguration.

On January 20, 1961, John became the 35th president. In his speech he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” During his presidency he started the Peace Corps, helped to fund a mission to the moon, and worked to end racial segregation.

President Kennedy worked with Dr. Martin Luther King to help end segregation. On June 11, 1963, Kennedy proposed the Civil Rights bill to Congress. He stated that, “One hundred years of delay have passed since President Lincoln freed the slaves, yet their heirs, their grandsons, are not fully free.” Sadly, President Kennedy was shot and killed on November 21,1963 while riding in a parade in Dallas, TX. 

In life, people choose to be a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean.  A carrot seems strong but then falls apart after being boiled.  An egg starts with a moldable center but changes and hardens in the heat of the action.  A coffee bean actually changes in hot water.  When the water gets hot, the coffee bean releases the fragrance and flavor.  The coffee bean, when things are the toughest, makes things better and changes the situation.  

STUDENTS:  Write an opinion paragraph about and illustrate the following prompt.  In your opinion, was President Kennedy a coffee bean, a carrot or an egg? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.


  1. Do you want a president that gives up that's a carrot, do you want a president that demands, that is a boiled egg, or do you want a president that gives up then never gives up that's a coffee bean like john F. kennedy.

    He was in the navy and never gave up, that's why he never gave up being a president and keep trying do you think he gave up , nope he keep trying.

    that's why I think he was a coffee bean not a boiled egg, or carrot .

  2. Ddo you think John F Kenidy was a carrot an egg or a coffee bean. I think John F Kenidy was a coffee bean. Because being a coffee bean means when your not very good at you make yourself better.When your an egg you dont care. being a carrot means when you act strong and then your weak. Here are some facts about J.F.K. his fathers name was Joesph. His grand fathers were politions. He gaduated from harvard in 1940. He faught in world war II. When he got home Johns father pushed to run for congress.John won in 1946. He moved when he was 3 years old. That is why I think John F Kenidy was a coffee bean.

  3. John F. Kennedy is a coffee bean. He was in the navy. He never gave up in the navy. He fought in World War II. He expeshe never gave up in that war. He went for congress and won in in 1946. He never gave up then too. He also went for president and won November,8,1960. Agean he never gave up. Then he stated the peace corp. He never gave up agean. He he helped fund a mission to the moon. Giving mouny being a coffee bean. So that's why JFK is a coffee bean.

  4. ohn F. Kennedy was a coffee bean.John was the youngest president.He was 43 years old.John helped the coler pepole. J.F.K work with Dr Martin Luther King to end segregation. On june 11,1967.J.F.K joined the navy.he foght in world war two He joined the navy after he graduated from Harvard university in 1940.You have to get relly good grades to get in Harvard. John was the best coffee bean.

  5. President Kennedy was a coffeebean. He wanted to help Martin Luther King to end segregation. After king did he proposed civil rights. He helped President Lincoln free the rest of the slaves. The grandsons are not fully free yet. He joined the navy. He fought in World War 2. He defended our country. He started the peace corps. He helped fund a mission. He went to harvard and graduated harvard in 1940.

  6. JFK was a coffee bean.When JFK was elected for the president he made some really good decisions.When he proposed the civil rights bill for congress was a good decision.And that is why it was so sad when he died.JFK did a good decision when he work with Dr. Martin Luther King to end segregation.When JFK said ask not of what your contrey can do for but what you can do for your contrey. John F. Kennedy was a coffee bean he just went with the flow.

    And that is why JFK was a coffee bean.

  7. Do you like a person that does not care and whines about every single thing.That is someone who decides that they want to be a carrott and a egg.Well geus what are presidents could have been one of those but they decided not to espacilly one of them John F. Kennady he was a master coffee bean.here is how even thow he was sick as a kid he didn’t let that from stoping him how to draw or read.He learned so much he went to harverd.He traveled so much he went to World War II.That is why he is a coffee bean.

  8. My opioion is hes a coffee bean because he never gave up.and he worked hard to become a president.He always was a coffee bean and he never was a caret an egg.And he changed the world because he was a coffee bean.He faught in world war 2 and tried hes best.John f kennedy was a great president for the country.We all liked he.and that's why hes a coffee bean.