February 4, 2016

Top 3 Thursday: Valentine's Edition

I am so excited about a new link up with
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Each week different educators will be featuring their Top 3 ideas,
products, books, etc. to go along with certain themes.

Since Valentine's Day is coming upon us, this week's Top 3 Thursday is centered around
Valentine's Day.

#1 - Giving Heart Attacks

This idea started from an idea from Pinterest.
(Isn't that where they all begin these days?)

My husband and I did it for our children for Valentine's Day, and they loved it so much I thought my kids at school would eat it up.
I die cut 20 million hearts in all kinds of Valentine's Day colors.
One day a week during the month of February, we choose one or two faculty/staff members in the school.  We each take a heart and write something positive about that person on the heart.
We don't sign our names.  
Then, we sneak to their room's door and tape the hearts ALL over it.
The kids LOVE doing this part, and they try to stick around to see the reaction!
Super easy and a wonderful moral booster!

#2 - 52 Reasons We Love

This idea can be used at any time of the year, but I thought I would go ahead and tell you about it here.  I have done this twice already.  Once was for my son's second grade teacher, and
I did it last year for my interventionist.  Both adored the gift and thanked me constantly for it.
I love this idea because there are so many ways you can adjust this to meet your needs.

Buy a deck of cards.
Give your kids a topic and let them go!
Punch holes in the cards and bind them together some way.
(I usually put one hole in the top corner and attach it with a ring.)

What could they write about?
52 Reasons We Love....
Our School
Our City
Our Classroom
Our Student Teacher
Social Studies
Your State
I could keep going.....

#3 Valentine Science Kit
Last year, this was our Valentine for our third graders.

Click on the picture to see the kit.

Almost everything we needed for the kits was already in our room.
The kids LOVED it.
The parents LOVED it.
This is, for now, our go-to Valentine's gift for the kids.
It is WORTH every penny you put into it, but not many pennies have to be involved!

What do you HAVE TO HAVE for Valentine's Day?

Head on over to Teach Glitter Grow to see more wonderful Valentine's Day ideas.


  1. I love ALL of your ideas!! The heart attack and 52 things are soooo sweet!! I bought a similar science kit that from that tpt seller that I sent home for spring break last year. I will have to check out the Valentine's day kit as well! Thank you for linking up!

    Teach Glitter Grow

  2. Your blog is absolutely adorable - I love the WHOLE design of it! I love the deck of cards idea!! That would be SO much fun and the kids would absolutely LOVE doing it! I love using Pinterest to find great ideas!! :)
    Teaching Autism

  3. Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to use these fun ideas next week.