February 11, 2016

Science Circus Night

We have had the best Parent Involvement Nights this year!
At the beginning of the year we had Camp Read-A-Lot.
Then, we had Family Game Night.

Last week we had our Science Circus Night.
Yes, a night all about science and science experiments!
It was amazing!

The third graders began in the meeting room and learned about volcanoes.

Then, each child got to make their own lava lamp to take home.
They were SO cool!
The kids LOVED those!

Then, we headed to the gym where each student made a glider.

They practiced flying their gliders and then had 4 chances to fly their gliders.
They recorded their flight path on a sheet of paper, and turned it in to our p.e. teachers.
The next morning, our principal announced the winners of the longest flight paths!

Our last "science" station was going into the cafeteria for a science snack.
Each child got gummy worms, crushed Oreos, and a cup of pudding to make an underground snack.
Since the night was around Groundhog's Day, they watched a movie about groundhogs while they ate.

We really are blessed at East Chester to have our "special" teachers to help on nights like tonight.
Our librarians ran the volcano room.
Our p.e. teachers ran the gym.
Our special education teachers ran the snack.
It really takes everyone to make nights like this possible and successful!

STUDENTS:  What was your favorite thing about Science Circus Night?

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