September 17, 2015

Camp Read-A-Lot

We are always looking for ways to get more families involved at our school.
We chose this fall to do a school wide Camp Read-A-Lot.
When I say, "school wide," I mean every faculty member was there to help!
It was amazing!

Some of our special education and speech teachers greeted everyone at the front as they registered for door prizes and got their schedules for the night. The door prizes were stuffed animals you would see as you camp at night.
The third graders started off in the gym at the camp site.
Each child was able to choose a book to take home that night.
We had all kinds of books for them to choose from and they loved being able to have
a book to take home from the night.
Teachers and staff brought in tents, quilts and camp chairs to sit around the campfire.
The kids LOVED sitting in the tents with friends and parents to read.

We spent 15 minutes at each station.
Our next station was in the cafeteria were we enjoyed smores snack mix and water
while we watched a nature movie.

From the cafeteria, we went to our homerooms.
Every 10 minutes or so, Mrs. Kim, our principal, would call out a winner of 
one of the stuffed animals.
In our homerooms, we had the families sign in and we had a drawing of our own
homeroom students who had come.

Then, we went to the meeting room and fine arts room.
Here we split time making an "I Love Reading" camp bookmark with our librarian and other special education teachers.
Then we sang camp songs around the campfire with the other Mrs. Becky - the fine arts teacher!





It was a fantastic night!
The kids just kept talking about it the next day.
We are already looking forward to our next night in November -
Family Game Night!

STUDENTS: What did you like best about Camp Read-A-Lot?  Why did you like it the best?


  1. I like the spores.I put Rara of ice on my book mark.

  2. I liked the huge tent in the gym I wanted to go in it but I could not because I had football. kyson

  3. My favorite part was the Boom Chica Boom because it was funny and fun.
    By Keara

  4. My favorite part was when we went to go read. I also liked singing boom chicka boo

    Lilly Allen

  5. I liked the tents the most because there was a all girls tent. La'Tariyahna

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  7. I think that night was fun. I did not get to go to all of it ,but I did get to go to some of the Camp.Now I use my book mark.It is one of my favroites.Brooks J.

  8. My favorite part was everything because it was to fun. And I like my cup holder.
    BY Kaylee