July 29, 2015

Back to School Bash Linky Series: Classroom Set Up

I am so excited
(and WAY nervous)
to be part of my very first linky series and giveaway.
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This week it is all about 

This is something I agonize over each year as I walk into my room for the first time.
Unfortunately, there is not much I can do differently with my room because of the design.
Luckily, I love how my room has worked for me in years past, so I don't have to do
a lot of major changes.

Before I start, the pictures I am using are NOT what my room looks like at this moment in time.
My room, sadly, is not photographic ready.
Come back later for a TRUE classroom preview.

Basically, I have 3 things I am adamant about in my room.

1. Groups - we do a lot of group work in my classroom, so I want the students
to be able to be together.  I think it is critical that the students have a space that allows them to work independently as well as in a group in a moment's notice.
Therefore, I have my students in groups of 6.  I am also blessed to have 18 students, so
3 groups fits in the room as well as fitting my needs perfectly.  You can see part of the desks area in the bottom right hand corner of the picture below.  I have placed a small bookshelf at each group of desks to hold items that groups may need.

You will also see the yellow group table.  On this table, the students find their group boxes and assignments for the day.  Everything they need to get started is in their box. This has worked beautifully!

2.  Teacher Table - When I got my own room (the first year I team taught with a teacher and we shared a room), I got rid of my desk and decided to use my horseshoe table as my station.
I have not missed it ONE. BIT.  This area is close to my fire window, so I can't put a whole lot around my table.  I have what I need at my reach and really would not change it for the world.

You will see I do have a bookshelf or two with items that I need
 as far as books and notebooks are concerned.
You will see at the end of the table that I have a white crate with a lid.
This crate holds seasonal books.  On top, you will see a black crate.  Inside this crate, I keep
notecards, my supplies and bookmarks.
On the other side, is another white crate holding reading games I can get to at a moment's notice.  On top of it, is another crate holding files for me - each group has a file located here, each student has a file, etc.  This has worked WONDERS!!
I really do love this area of the room.

3.  Library - My entire room centers around this part.  Being an ELA teacher, this is the most important part of our room, and it quickly becomes the favorite part of the room of the children.  I try to make it as comfy as possible and as accessible as possible as well.  I have between 2000-3000 books in my library and more set aside for special holidays and special units of study.  Boxes of different sizes work wonders for organizing the books by author, theme or genre.
Yes, I have all of those in my library.

If there is anything, you have questions about, please comment and I will get back with you asap.
It may also inspire a future post on the blog!
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See you all next Wednesday for more!

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  1. Becky~ We love, Love, LOVE your library!!! We too have a kazillion books in our room! Lol You are SO cute and we are excited to be linking up with you!
    Happy Back2School,
    Victoria & Tricia♥♥♥

  2. Your classroom library looks so cozy and inviting. Looking forward to a great Linky party with you and this is my first party as well. So we can be nervous together!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your room! I can't wait to see what your classroom will look like this year. Your room has a super inviting feel! I'm also super envious that you have couch in your library!! =)

  4. LOVE your bunting and couch in the library! I feel ya, I have to keep telling myself: it WILL be ready! :)
    Very Perry Classroom

  5. I can't wait to see what your final room looks like this year! It will definitely pull together like you want it too! I also think group work is so important, and I LOVE how you plan your classroom with that in mind! I love seeing the bunches and bunches of books you have, as I'm an avid book hoarder myself! You did an awesome job on your first post for this Linky Party---thanks for joining with us!
    The Owl Teach