July 1, 2015

Currently: July

I cannot believe today is July 1st!!!!
In a little over a month - August 3rd, to be exact - my new set of
babies arrive in my room.
I can't believe it is almost here!
My goal is to enjoy July to the fullest potential - even the 5 days of inservice I have
coming during this month!

I am linking up with Farley again this month. 
That means I have been doing this blogging thing on a somewhat routine basis
for a month now!  YEA, me!!!!
More on that coming....

So currently, I am......

Listening - to Sports Center.  It's a staple at our house.  Usually at this point in the year we are focused on baseball - Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers (the hubs is from Texas).  However, this year, we are also focused on World Cup soccer.  My girl plays and loves soccer.  I know NOTHING, but have learned SOME over the last 9 years she has played.  We are enjoying the highlights from last night's game!

Loving - that we are headed to Nashville in a few days.  My BIL and SIL live in Nashville and we always head there for a great fireworks show and fantastic shopping.  The cousins love being together and it is a great way to get away!  A big bonus is I get to go to McKay's Book Store and LOAD up!!! I have $100+ in store credit that is burning a hole in my pocket! I am going to print off my Amazon wish lists and see what I can get!

Thinking - I am very overwhelmed with this new world of blogging, twittering, Instagramming and the like that I have become a part of this last month.  It is wonderful and I realize even more of things I need to be doing in order to be the teacher my kiddos deserve.  I also realize I can't compare myself to others.  I need to realize what I can do and what is the most important thing for me to do NOW - like writing those common assessments!

Wanting/Needing - a few extra weeks to my summer.  I sat down the other night and realized I really have only a few weeks left completely to myself.  I have a week coming up of inservice with my fantastic team.  I have a week I have set aside to work in my room while the kiddos are at camp.  It is slowly slipping away....

All Star - I have LOVED being a mom this summer.  My kids may not agree that I am an all-star mom at this moment, but I have really made an effort this summer to be present for them.  When they want to do something - we do it.  We have taken day trips. We have been to Sonic almost EVERY day this summer.  We have been swimming with friends.  We have had movie nights and sleepovers.  It has been a fantastic summer just being with them. I know I don't have many more summers with them, so I am enjoying this one to the fullest!

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  1. Welcome to the Blogging World! Your blog is so cute! :)

    You go back to school sooner than I do. I hope you enjoy your last couple of weeks. Have fun in Nashville. I hope you have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July! :)

  2. Cute blog!! I am also needing a few extra weeks of summer!

    Mrs. Hudgens Hears a Who

  3. It sounds like you have had an amazing summer. Kids come back on August 3rd for me too and I also have in-service days at the end of July. Here's to a good rest of the summer. :-)

  4. Hehe, my boyfriend LOVES SportsCenter too! It is always on the TV, so I feel like I have become much more knowledgeable on sports (which I'm usually pretty uninterested in) due to it. TV osmosis!

    Glitter in Third