July 9, 2015

Shifting Your Lens

I am a camera person.
I really have it attached to my hip.
My children use to love it.
Now, they hate it - at least the 13 year old does.
When people talk about cameras, photos, lens,
I listen!!
I may not understand EVERYTHING they are saying, but I listen because I want to learn.
I want to be a better photographer.
I want to better my product.

So, when attending a training for my new role as Reading Curriculum Coach,
the presenter mentioned we needed to 
shift our lens.
She had my attention.
The whole presentation was about our method of evaluating teachers - the TEAM method.
I was very interested in where she was going with this!

Where do I, as a teacher, need to shift my lens?

I need to shift my lens from what the teacher is doing to what the student is doing.
Mind blowing isn't it...
As I prepare for a lesson, I need to make sure I am preparing for what actions and behaviors my students should be displaying.
Does this mean I am not in the picture anymore?
My actions and behaviors should prompt them.
There has to be a balance between what both the teacher and student are doing.

I just love this!!!
Isn't this why so many of us became teachers?
We wanted to motivate our students to go out and do what we have taught.
What better way to do that than to be right there with them, 
guiding them, 
encouraging them,
supporting them,
celebrating with them.

Now, why am I writing about this?
Next week, I am going to be presenting this idea at part of our PD at school.
My topics are:

Standards & Objectives
Problem Solving

Some of the other areas that will be discussed are:

Managing Student Behavior
Presenting Instructional Content
Lesson Structure & Pacing
Activities & Materials
Academic Feedback
Problem Solving

What are your thoughts on any of these topics? 
Have you heard of this?
What do you do?
Any ideas?

I will be posting later this week about my topics for sure, and possibly others.
I would love to hear what you have to say...

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