July 8, 2015

Not in Vegas

I am new to this whole blogging, Instagram, Twitter, TPT world -
as far as a teacher is concerned.

I have had a family blog for 6 plus years.
I have had a personal Instagram for close to 4 years.
I have even had a personal Twitter for a few years.

NOTHING holds a candle to this world of teachers on social media, and I act like I am surprised at this.
I should not be.
For years, teachers have had to have each others' backs because no one else would.
For as long as I have known teachers (all my life), they have craved being around each other, seeing what everyone is doing, and wanting the latest and greatest teacher stuff.

Am I overwhelmed?  YES!
Am I in WAY over my head?  Probably so!
Am I glad I took the plunge? For sure!

With all that said, there was no way I was going to Vegas this year for the TPT conference -
for MANY reasons.
My teacher friend, Belinda, and I have already said we are going next year.
I will probably find a reason not to go.
She will find a reason AND a way for us to go.
(See how we are good for each other!)
I have already found myself NOT wanting to check Instagram and Twitter this week because
of all the eating, shopping, learning and just being together that is going on in that world.

When I saw Kristen having a "I am not in Vegas" linky, I knew I had to join!
I needed to remind myself that this is not my season to go to Vegas.
What I am doing this week in small town USA is just as important as what is going on in Vegas.


One day, I will join the millions of teachers (ok... maybe not millions but it sure seems like it!) of teachers in Vegas.

Until then....
Happy creating!
Happy selling!
Happy posting!
Happy to be right where I am!

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  1. We will get there one day! Way to be positive!!! :) Thanks for linking up.

    School and the City