July 18, 2015

My School Tribe

I have been a little a lot MIA this week
because I have been having a SUPER time
with these people. 

Our theme at school for the past few years has been The Energy Bus,
but this year we are going to The Leader in Me.
We are going to focus on how each child has SUPER powers,
and then using those powers to be a leader.
I am very excited about what this year holds.

There is really no order to these pictures.
I just wanted to share my fabulous school tribe with my blog tribe!
Thanks to Belinda, from Third Grade to the Edge, for most of these pictures due to her and the selfie stick!

Third Grade Team

Working on our Placemat Consensus activity - what do we see the Leader in Me looking like in our school.

Talking about the Placemat Consensus project - what we want The Leader in Me to look like.

Another picture of our FABULOUS third grade team!

Teamwork at it's finest - working to get the rubber band off the cup!

We went ALL over the school searching for Superheroes only to find someone had taken some of them.
This is our confused face!

LOVE these people!

More teambuilding activities

I had the honor of presenting 3 different mini lessons during our PD time together.
One of the lessons I presented along with two other FANTASTIC teachers, was a lesson on anchor charts in the reading classroom.  We talked specifically about Accountable Talk during this time.  Then, the teachers were able to create a chart to use in their rooms.

ALL of these people play an important part of my tribe.
I am so glad our leaders decided for our PD to be together, so we can learn, grow, and share together in the same room at the same time.

I am extremely thankful for this group of ladies - 
my third grade team...

and my partner teacher, Kim.

We accept each other.
We help each other.
We support each other.
We can be crazy with each other.

This year is going to be the best for so many reasons!!!