July 2, 2015

Coming Together with Classroom Improvements

I was visiting the Blessed Teacher today, and saw this link up
with Ashley and Angie called

Each month on the second, they (and other teachers) come together to talk about things
we can all improve upon as teachers.  Since I am so new to all of this and need all the help I can get, I thought I would join in on the fun!

 What do I want to improve on in my classroom this year?
A lot!!!  I wish I could post pictures of my classroom, 
but I cannot get into my classroom until next week sometime.
Please bear with me throughout this with no pics.

Bulletin Boards

I have 3.
They are all different sizes.

Bulletin Board #1

I decided last year to not put up a calendar because I always forgot to change the calendar.
I also thought that as a third grade teacher that space could be better utilized.
So, I have that board that I need to do something with that is productive.

Bulletin Board #2

This is a little bit larger.
In the past it has been a data board, a sweet words board, and a science topic board.
We don't have data boards any more. I use data notebooks for my kiddos.
The sweet words board did not go like I had planned - largely due to me!
We are going to be doing A LOT of writing this year and I had thought about using this as a writing board, but .....

Bulletin Board #3

This is the biggest board that is actually a covered corkboard.
This means I can't staple on it!!!!
So... since I can't staple on it, I have hot glued aluminum pizza pans to the board.
I attached clothespins with chef hats (my room is a cafe/bakery theme).
Each hat has a child's name on it and they can choose work of theirs to be displayed.
I really like this board, but am VERY open to changing it around if something else comes up!

I also have a wall that is covered with UGLY hospital green (do you picture it?) lockers!
I hope to be able to give each child their own locker this year.
In the past I have put 2 kids in a locker.

Leader in Me

Our school is reading/implementing The Leader in Me this year.  For the past two years, we have used The Energy Bus as our school kickoff program.  For two weeks, we focus on character education and what is expected from our kids.  This year, we are using The Leader in Me. I am a little hesitant because it is something new.  I also know myself and know I want to make it a year long thing - not just a first 2 weeks of school thing.

How can I do this?  Do you have any suggestions?  I want my classroom to be a place where the kids feel safe and know they can succeed at their own levels as well as to their own abilities.

I am sure there is a lot more I can say to this, but I hate that I don't have pictures!
Plus, after this post, I am even MORE overwhelmed than I was before - NOT GOOD!!
So, help a sister out! I will be around to visit others and see if I can help any of you!
I am so glad that I have found this community!


  1. Bulletin Boards are difficult for me too. I have one long and skinny one that I use for my Super Improvers Team (Whole Brain) and I have a gigantic one that spans almost an entire wall. I also have one that I created in the hall to display student work. I end up using my gigantic one for all my math anchor charts, however, this year I am implementing Power Pix (also Whole Brain), so I will have to figure out how to divide it up for math and science.

    I am working this year on implementing more Whole Brain strategies as I work through my certification. My goal is to stay consistent with it ALL year, instead of only about half a year.

    I can't wait to see your pictures.

    Adventures Teaching Fourth

  2. I did Leader in Me last year, and it was good - I just wasn't very consistent with it. But the kids really did GET the habits that we focused on really well. Have fun with it!!